Jaaxy Review Part 6:

Jaaxy Finds Affiliate programs and products for you (Part 6/A)

OK, you got the keywords, you identified a possible niche to monetize, traffic is good the light is green, SERPS you can deal with… what now?

Oh yeah, I need something to sell :)

Jaaxy Affiliate Programs Tab searches a number of Affiliate Programs Networks (including Commission Junction and ClickBank) to find products related to the keyword phrase of your choice.

Overall I found this to be a good starting point; before and during this jaaxy review this search listed some really cool item or service and at times even sparking new ideas I had not thought of!

jaaxy product finder tool(Image only shows part of the longer list generated by Jaaxy)

Affiliate Programs search’s results are dependent on how well these products have been listed, categorized and tagged by the vendors and the networks. At times it does show unrelated results, depending on the niche… so it may not always give you 100% accurate results but a number of them will be spot on topic, some will be related enough which can be good for back-end products, some will be irrelevant

Again, you could search each Affiliate Network by yourself, but having a list of possible products presented to you and from five different networks it gets you kick- started, it shows you how busy the niche is… is there money to be made? A useful feature to have, right there inside jaaxy keyword tool

Then move on from there and hunt down the best product for your niche

Jaaxy Review Part 6/A:

Affiliate Product Finder 4/5 


Jaaxy Easy of Use and Customer Support(Part 6/B)

Jaaxy Keyword Tool has very ‘pick up and play’ feel to it. It feels easy to use right from the start. This is due to a few factors

  • Speed of operation is good = no frustration
  • Interface is clear and direct = no guesswork
  • There is no extra amounts of useless data for you to swim through = straight to the point
  • Results are presented in a meaningful way which makes it easy for you to make decisions
I emailed jaaxy customer support a couple of times to test speed of response and tone of voice. Both times I had a reply within the hour and their reply was useful and polite.
What I forgot to check was trying to contact customer support at different times of the day in case for some timezone there could be delays but then again I can’t really email them too many times, they would think I am stalking them :)


Jaaxy Review Part 6/B:

Jaaxy Easy of Use & Support 5/5 


Jaaxy price: $19 x month
(Part 6/C)

To benefit from all Jaaxy has to offer will cost you $19 per month which when compared to competitors keyword tools ranging from $47/month to over $200/month is a no brainer!

Unlimited keyword searches and domain searches per month are included

Software Only products start from $99 but that is no my cup of tea. There are actually a few discussions online about some of these software tools outputting broken data which is of no use to you. But I have already mentioned that stand-alone software, for which support could stop at any time, are no my cup of tea so I won’t consider them any further.

To recap, for $19 per month jaaxy provides you with

  • Unlimited keyword searches per month
  • Unlimited domain searches per month
  • Keywords Suggestions
  • Website Competition: On Demand
  • SEO Power Score: On Demand
  • SEO Competition Tool
  • Keyword Quality Indicator: On Demand
  • In-depth website analyzer
  • Affiliate program locator
  • Hot Trends and Topics
  • Keyword list management
  • Keyword To Do List
  • Search History
  • Training Videos

Jaaxy low price of admission is good for two reasons:

  • First: if you want to take it for a spin you only have to invest $19. There is no long term contract, you can cancel at any time if you don’t like it and within that $19 first month chances are you will have made some money with some niche or by flipping some domain name.
  • Second: if you do need a keyword research system for you business, then $19 per month is a very acceptable cost to benefit from basing your niche marketing and seo on quality data.


Jaaxy Review Part 6/C:

Jaaxy Price – An Easy 5/5 

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Jaaxy Review: Conclusion

No doubt Jaaxy is a keeper and should be at the top of your shopping list if you are in the market for a well featured professional and easy to use seo keyword tool and niche marketing keyword research tool.

The same is true if you are after a tool you can use to quickly find good domain names to flip on the open market.

If I could only list three reasons why your should choose Jaaxy over other tools I would be in trouble because I can see a minimum of 4 reasons why you should give Jaaxy Keyword Tool a go

1 – Easy of Use

2 – Speed at which you can conduct your researches

3 – Quality of Data Results Shown

4 – Friendly Price

Jaaxy Review Conclusion:

Jaaxy Keyword Tool System 4.8/5

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Let me know if you have found this review useful and also let me know if you are giving Jaaxy a try and how it is working out for you.