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If you were looking for an in-depth review of the new keyword search engine tool you will be happy to have found this site. In this Jaaxy Review all aspects of Jaaxy Keyword Tool have been covered through a 6-parts long review.

Is Jaaxy Keyword Tool the best of the competitors keyword tools or should you avoid it?

Is this new keyword search engine tool bringing anything new to the table? Or is it just another clone?

Well, keep reading and you will find out.

Jaaxy is not complicated to use but it is well featured therefore I didn’t think it would have been fare or even useful to discuss all Jaaxy has to offer in a one-page overview.

For a real jaaxy review and to make sure you will indeed find this pages relevant, useful and worth reading through I decided to cover all of jaaxy features.

This jaaxy review is divided in 6 parts; you can follow through one part after the other or you can jump to any section you are most curios about.


In this section I discuss how Jaaxy Keyword Tool is delivered to you and what I think are the advantages of one platform over the other. This is important as you have to make sure the tools you use will work for you in a productive way that fits your very own style and needs.




See Jaaxy Fast Keyword ResearchWhen finally you have some ‘me’ time and want to invest this time in niche research, seo optimization, keywords research for content and articles, etc… the last thing you need is for the tools you use to slow you down or to give you data of questionable quality; in the end this is data you will spend time and possibly money on!

In this second part of our jaaxy review we look at how fast it is to work with this new keyword search engine tool; how fast data is found then presented to you; how good jaaxy data is.




SERPS-keyword-competition-jaaxyExact Competition is one of the key factors you will judge any keyword phrase on. But you cannot just look at quantity, you should also look at the top sites competing for those same keywords, how good their SEO is and so on. Here we look at what data Jaaxy offers and how it is presented to you.







As mentioned above, jaaxy is well featured and in this section we look at more data jaaxy proposes for your consideration to aid your keyword research, seo process and niche finding exploration.

Features like

  • Related Keywords
  • KQI: jaaxy own Keyword Quality Indicator
  • SEO Power: keyword potential for SEO, article writing, traffic generation
  • Built-in Domain Search and Purchase for Domaineering and Flipping.
  • Jaaxy video tutorials, video training you can access from within Jaaxy

jaaxy keyword domain search feature










As you conduct more and more keyword research you will need to save your work in an organized way you can access at later stages for any number of reasons. Here we look at how you can manage your lists within Jaaxy

Another features this new keyword search engine tool offers is a built-in engine to retrieve and display the Hottest Trends, Topics and Products from a variety of sources. This could be a really cool weapon in the right hands (yours for example:)). Does it work?

Jaaxy hot trends research




This is the final part in our 6-part jaaxy review; we will look at jaaxy built-in engine that searches and displays for you possible affiliate programs or products you could market related to your keyword phrase or niche.

Is jaaxy easy to use? And what about Customer Support?

We will discuss Jaaxy price model and evaluate what you get for your money. Is it worth it?

Finally to round things off… our new keyword search engine tool conclusion and final score

jaaxy product finder tool


I hope you will find this jaaxy review useful; in fact, post a comment below to let me know if there are other aspects of jaaxy you hoped to see covered here that I didn’t cover enough and I’ll see what I can do.

Happy reading!


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