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Why A Professional SEO Keyword Tool Is Essential For Your Website Business

If you own a website then you probably know how important search engine traffic is; you may have heard about the usefulness of using an SEO Keyword Tool or you may have already started using one or more of the free seo keyword tools and resources available online.

Search traffic is probably the most productive traffic you can get because it tends to be tightly targeted to the keywords on your site that tell the search engines what your site is about. Ensuring that you are using the right search engine optimized keywords on your site so that you get enough targeted search traffic to make your efforts worthwhile can be tricky though, and this is where a good SEO keyword tool can come in handy.

seo keyword tool  jaaxy

A search engine optimization (SEO) keyword tool basically gives you a list of keywords relating to a topic or base keyword that you supply. A good keyword tool will tell you roughly how much search volume there is for each of the keywords suggested by the tool and how much competition there is in the search engine rankings for that keyword. It will probably also be able to analyze your competition websites and give you a variety of information about how well targeted competition sites and the individual web pages on them are to the keywords and other criteria that you are trying to optimize for (SERP). A professional SEO Keyword Tool is an essential piece of business software that can mean the difference between success or failure for your website.

One of the most important factors in the long term success of your website will be how competitive your site is against other sites in your niche. Providing good content is a large part of that, but you also need to let people know that they can find that content on your website. Your competitors will be trying to do the same thing, maybe using free seo keyword tools and resources and whoever does it better will reap the rewards in the search engine rankings. Every edge you can get against your competitors is money in your pocket, so using a professional SEO Keyword Tool to target your site to the specific searches made by people looking for sites like yours is essential in giving yourself that edge. Think of it like tuning a race car engine. To win the race you need the right tools to tune your website so that it runs better and delivers more reliable results than your competition, and doesn’t result in poor economy from web pages which are under-optimized.

As discussed above, the most important data you will need an SEO keyword tool to give you is the amount of search volume available for a particular keyword and the amount of exact competition for that search volume. Search volume basically refers to people making searches using your target keywords. This tells you how much raw web traffic is available for that keyword and consequently how worthwhile it would be to create web page content that centers around that keyword. The amount of raw search traffic available is only half the picture though, as you are not the only one competing for that traffic. There are many other sites just like yours that want that same traffic you are trying to attract, and they will be using many of the same keywords that you are considering using. This is why you also need to know how much exact competition there is for a keyword that you are looking at as the more competition there is, the more diluted that raw traffic will become. When I mention ‘exact’ competition I refer to sites that are optimized for your target keywords in an exact search, not a broad search. A professional SEO Keyword Tool will be able to assess all the variables involved in calculating the true worth of a keyword and tell you if it is worthwhile to target it.

There are many free seo keyword tools available on the web which can give you some of the basic information you may need, but these tools will not give you the edge over the competition that you really need to succeed. You will also find yourself wasting a huge amount of time processing the disparate data provided by these tools when you could be putting that time to better use in producing content for your site and promoting it more effectively.

Free tools cost you money in the long term, whereas a professional tool will make you far more than any cost involved with it. Going back to the race car analogy, if you are serious about winning a race you wouldn’t use cheap and nasty tools to maintain and improve your race car anymore than you should use them when ensuring your website can reach its full potential in making you money.

You should consider a professional SEO keyword tool as an essential item for your website. It can both save you time and make you money, and will be essential in creating the winning edge that your website needs to succeed.

Competitors Keyword Tools and Jaaxy New Keyword Search Engine Tool

Many of my business friends are now aware that out of all competitors keyword tools my keyword research tool of choice, the one I end up using flawlessly every day, is a new keyword search engine tool called Jaaxy. They ask me why Jaaxy and not one of the other competitors keyword tools? Is it just because Jaaxy is a new keyword search engine tool and I can’t resist playing with a new gadget or is there a real reason for my choice?

Today I am going to explain why I choose to use Jaaxy instead one of the other competitors keyword tools. Why do I think Jaaxy is the solution for my business and could be the solution for any other business owner conducting online marketing for online or offline businesses.

This is not going to be a Jaaxy Review but a more high level look at why Jaaxy makes business sense.


When thinking of all competitors keyword tools I also consider free keyword tools and resources.

You can conduct a somewhat decent keyword research using free tools and resources; the problem with free resources is that if you value your time and if like most people you do not have a lot of ‘spare time’ then using free tools quickly (or should I say slowly) translates into false economy.

You could be using SEO Browser Plugins, trend sites, feature-limited online free tools and the obvious google keyword analysis tool, Google adwords external keyword tool. We are talking about bits of information spread over a multitude of tools, websites and plugins. Research data in some cases old, collected from secondary sources and of course Google external keyword tool is not designed specifically for SEO or Niche Marketing but as its names suggests it is an Adwords Tool, yes you can get pertinent information but again, it is an Adwords Tool mainly for PPC campaigns.

If you are just getting your fingers wet, if you have plenty of time to kill, you can surely use free tools to start with, but quickly you will realize you cannot complete your research quick enough, you are not spending your business time in an efficient and productive way, your collected data is not of the best quality, you will want to upgrade to a professional premium tool soon.


Premium competitors keyword tools

Considering how expensive most premium keyword research tools can be it is not surprise most new internet marketers try the free route first. Thankfully Jaaxy Keyword Tool offers a very friendly pricing model, but Jaaxy is a new keyword search engine tool therefore Jaaxy option didn’t exist until recently.

Most premium keyword research tools, be it software or online systems, cost between $100 all the way up into monthly options of $200+ per month or more. For a new internet marketer this can be substantial commitment in terms of early days expenses.

Problem with some of these premium offerings is that quality of data is not always up to scratch and to make things even worse most of them are cumbersome to use with complex interfaces, cryptic presentation of data types, good and relevant data hidden within countless amounts of useless data, menus, tabs, options, settings, etc..

It is not uncommon, sadly, to see SEO related forums’ posts from users of some of these tools mentioning they stopped using this or that tool because they just could not master it, understand it, make the most of it… And other similarly annoying problems related to software technical problems, hardware incompatibility, and so on.


Does Jaaxy keyword tool offer a way to get away from all the above problems?

I need to run my business in an efficient way, smoothly, in a time-efficient way. Productivity is key. I needed a keyword research system that could:

  • Perform Fast: I didn’t want to wait for ever to have keyword research results displayed in front of me. Jaaxy returns results fast! I mean… Fast! The less time it takes to complete any task in your business process the more time you will have to optimize other tasks or to complete more tasks.
  • Deliver data in a format that is easy to read, easy to understand and easy to use: I didn’t want to spend an excessive amount of time to evaluate raw data before being able to take action on whatever the results are. Jaaxy presents data in a non-geek way; Jaaxy data is explicit, you can’t get it wrong, you only need to glance at it to understand it which makes the evaluation process super quick.

  • Deliver Relevant/Useful Data, no fillers: if you are not new to keyword research you will know that there are a few key data-types that are key for your SEO and Niche Marketing. Jaaxy keyword tool is spot on, you get the data you really need, uncluttered!

  • I want data taken from Google, Yahoo and Bing and I want quality data: I want it from the horse’s mouth, not from 3rd party data collectors. Jaaxy keyword tool processes data from the three major search engines, the ones people actually uses. I don’t know how Jaaxy calculates its data behind the scenes but the data it provides you with is data you can base you decisions on, it does reflects what you will indeed encounter when working on your SEO or Niche.

  • Deliver SERP data and other Competition Data quickly: I didn’t want to have to use browser plug-ins and other additional online resources to get an idea of the competition for my keywords, too much messing around when using multiple tool to do one job. Jaaxy  gives you competition data, just a Tab or Two away from the main Search Tab


Jaaxy also has a few surprises which make you business of seo and niche marketing even easier. 

You then realize that this new keyword search engine tool with a cool name (Jaaxy) has a few extra aces up its sleeves that save you even more time and increase your productivity levels.

Jaaxy has a built-in Domain Name search engine. Quickly check if a keyword-based domain name is available.

Another useful feature is the Hot Trends Table giving you up to date results for what’s hot in Google, Yahoo Buzz Index, Alexa, Amazon, Twitter Trends. No need to open all this resource sites one by one, research hot trends and products straight from within Jaaxy keyword tool!

Jaaxy is an online system you can access from any computer, Windows or OSX, iPad, iPhone, other smartphones and from anywhere. No hardware compatibility problems you could get with a software-installation type of product.

And other useful features to deliver all in all a fast, efficient and productive workflow (e.g. List Management, Search History, Niche Product Finder, etc…)


Cherry on the cake   

One more reason why Jaaxy makes business sense is that you can benefit from all Jaaxy has to offer for a low entry price. Indeed Jaaxy the new keyword research tool will probably cause a shakedown in price for most of the other competitors keyword tools!


Jaaxy keyword tool for iPad and iPhone?

I had to find a few keywords today with Jaaxy for a niche I was considering, it was an ok day, not sunny but it wasn’t raining either and my son wanted to ride the bike…

…I took my son to the park this morning and while he was riding the bike I conducted some keyword and niche research from my iPhone, using Jaaxy keyword tool, from a bench where I could clearly see what my son was up to. He was trying to master the art of riding slowly while slaloming through obstacles, easy to keep an eye on.

That is flexibility and possibilities.

Keyword Tool iPad2

I have been using Jaaxy on my iPad 2 and iPhone 4 for a while now. It works well when accessed from iOS devices, no technical problems. Data and information on both the iPad and the iPhone screen looks pristine, easy to read. Actually, sorry about the low quality images I have added below, just bad lighting; I will eventually take new higher quality images as soon as possible.

On both devices Jaaxy is easy to navigate and use with touches, two finger zoom, scroll around if zoomed in. My preferred way to use Jaaxy though is using the iPad 2. Good screen, just the right screen size, add the great touchscreen interface and you will be flying through your keyword research work like if you were playing with play doh.

Keyword Tooli Pad

One of the main benefits here is that you can carry on with your keyword and niche reseach or SEO data from your main computer to an iOS device without having to change software or workflow.

If you have an iPhone, especially if you have an iPad2, get a Jaaxy Keyword Tool online account for your research work, you won’t regret it.

Keyword Tool iPhone

To clarify, there is no Jaaxy app you can buy from the apple store. You simply use your iPhone and iPad 2 (or similar smart devices) to access your Jaaxy account.

See my full-length (all features covered) jaaxy review for an in-depth look at Jaaxy.

Jaaxy Review

Jaaxy Review

If you were looking for an in-depth review of the new keyword search engine tool you will be happy to have found this site. In this Jaaxy Review all aspects of Jaaxy Keyword Tool have been covered through a 6-parts long review.

Is Jaaxy Keyword Tool the best of the competitors keyword tools or should you avoid it?

Is this new keyword search engine tool bringing anything new to the table? Or is it just another clone?

Well, keep reading and you will find out.

Jaaxy is not complicated to use but it is well featured therefore I didn’t think it would have been fare or even useful to discuss all Jaaxy has to offer in a one-page overview.

For a real jaaxy review and to make sure you will indeed find this pages relevant, useful and worth reading through I decided to cover all of jaaxy features.

This jaaxy review is divided in 6 parts; you can follow through one part after the other or you can jump to any section you are most curios about.


In this section I discuss how Jaaxy Keyword Tool is delivered to you and what I think are the advantages of one platform over the other. This is important as you have to make sure the tools you use will work for you in a productive way that fits your very own style and needs.




See Jaaxy Fast Keyword ResearchWhen finally you have some ‘me’ time and want to invest this time in niche research, seo optimization, keywords research for content and articles, etc… the last thing you need is for the tools you use to slow you down or to give you data of questionable quality; in the end this is data you will spend time and possibly money on!

In this second part of our jaaxy review we look at how fast it is to work with this new keyword search engine tool; how fast data is found then presented to you; how good jaaxy data is.




SERPS-keyword-competition-jaaxyExact Competition is one of the key factors you will judge any keyword phrase on. But you cannot just look at quantity, you should also look at the top sites competing for those same keywords, how good their SEO is and so on. Here we look at what data Jaaxy offers and how it is presented to you.







As mentioned above, jaaxy is well featured and in this section we look at more data jaaxy proposes for your consideration to aid your keyword research, seo process and niche finding exploration.

Features like

  • Related Keywords
  • KQI: jaaxy own Keyword Quality Indicator
  • SEO Power: keyword potential for SEO, article writing, traffic generation
  • Built-in Domain Search and Purchase for Domaineering and Flipping.
  • Jaaxy video tutorials, video training you can access from within Jaaxy

jaaxy keyword domain search feature










As you conduct more and more keyword research you will need to save your work in an organized way you can access at later stages for any number of reasons. Here we look at how you can manage your lists within Jaaxy

Another features this new keyword search engine tool offers is a built-in engine to retrieve and display the Hottest Trends, Topics and Products from a variety of sources. This could be a really cool weapon in the right hands (yours for example:)). Does it work?

Jaaxy hot trends research




This is the final part in our 6-part jaaxy review; we will look at jaaxy built-in engine that searches and displays for you possible affiliate programs or products you could market related to your keyword phrase or niche.

Is jaaxy easy to use? And what about Customer Support?

We will discuss Jaaxy price model and evaluate what you get for your money. Is it worth it?

Finally to round things off… our new keyword search engine tool conclusion and final score

jaaxy product finder tool


I hope you will find this jaaxy review useful; in fact, post a comment below to let me know if there are other aspects of jaaxy you hoped to see covered here that I didn’t cover enough and I’ll see what I can do.

Happy reading!


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Happy Keywords to everyone :)