Jaaxy Review Part 1:

The latest SEO Keyword Tool and Niche Keyword Tool 

Let’s start this Jaaxy review by saying that Jaaxy SEO Keyword Tool is the baby product of two successful internet marketers who are well respected and known for delivering quality training and services at great prices (info here); but… have they done it again or is Jaaxy Keyword Tool simply another ‘me too’ tool delivering broken data?

Well… you will find out in this 6-Parts detailed Jaaxy Review.

Jaaxy Delivery Platform:
Stand-Alone Software or Online System

Jaaxy keyword tool online system
Jaaxy is an online-based Niche Keyword Tool and SEO Keyword Tool; the online based system is in my book the better option for the user.

The issue I have with stand-alone software to install on your computer is that they all come with headhakes; for example not compatible with MAC OSX, or to run them on a MAC you need to run it in Parallel or Virtual Machine mode. Compatibility glitches with the variety of PC hardware spread around the world, if your computer has a problem you are unable to conduct keyword research, etc… And if you do have a technical problem, the chances that you will get technical support from the keyword tool one-man band Company and small team of hired programmers can be pretty slim.

seo keyword system jaaxy

Advantages of an online system like Jaaxy are pretty strong. 

First of all, it comes with built-in mobility. I have personally used Jaaxy SEO Keyword Tool from my iPhone and iPad several times.

  • While watching TV – sometime you see a program or even an advert and you get an idea for a possible product or niche. No need to go and switch your computer on, fire up your smart phone, log-in to Jaaxy and get the answers right then
  • Or in bed when some idea just pops up, got the iPad up and did a quick keyword research in jaaxy
  • On the train while commuting, during your lunch break from the job you are trying to leave :) . While waiting for your kids to come out of school…
  • Go to the park on a nice day, and under a nice blue sky use your keyword tool on the fly.

Jaaxy niche keyword tool is independent from any hardware issue your computer may have. Actually even if your computer locks up, it is like you have built-in back-up solution because you can use your mobile device and get the job done

No need to worry about technical support. Because Jaaxy is hosted and maintained by the vendor, it is in their interests to make sure the system is up and running at any time. If a problem comes up they will be the first to know! You don’t need to email them. They will be on the case straight away. If they didn’t they would lose customers by the minute. During this jaaxy review and since I started using Jaaxy I had no technical problem, so far jaaxy has been a stable tool

Automatic Updates -  You don’t need to worry with manually downloading and installing software updates. In the case of systems like Jaaxy, any update is rolled out in-house and when you log in to your account you will automatically be using whichever latest stable version they are running.

What abut if your home/office internet broadband goes bonkers?
Well… if that happens it would be a problem for you just the same if you had a software-tool installed in your computer, you still need to go online to get fresh data. But, with a niche keyword tool online you could still access it through your mobile device network, from a friend’s home, or from an internet caffe if you can’t wait… or from a nice coffee shop/wifi point while sipping your cappuccino! With Jaaxy SEO Keyword Tool you do have more options

But… what if I want to do my data-sorting offline, on my own spreadsheets. No problem, with Jaaxy you can export your keyword data as .csv or .txt files. Get your keywords’ data in your preferred spreadsheet software and do all the sorting and calculations you want.

Part One Conclusion: it is always nice to start a review with positives and Jaaxy keyword tool has performed well as a dependable and stable seo keyword tool online.

Jaaxy Review Part 1:

Delivery Platform 5/5 

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